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Famous Players Nfl Jerseys China In American Football - Save 60 Off On Official Outlet This question should refer to the three major battles of our army during the war of liberation, namely the battle of liaoshen, the battle of pingjin, and the battle of huaihai.First the battle of liaoshen, then the battle of huaihai, and finally the battle of pingjin. Now I will tell you the background of the three major battles and the impact of the three major battles.LiaoShen battle took place in a massive battle in the northeast by jinzhou battle, hill battle, western liaoning was chasing war fighting, which hill battle was the most courageous, and I am the fields of the people's liberation army soldiers in order to resist the enemy westward corps reinforcements, at the expense of the more than eight thousand people, in the end every liberation of the northeast, deputy commander of the northeast China. The total Fan Hanjie captured kuomintang, Liao Yaoxiang and others, is the cornerstone of the war of liberation victory.In addition, the victory of the battle of liaoshen gave a million troops in siye the opportunity to march into guanzhong. That is to say, without the victory of the battle of liaoshen, it would be difficult for our army to launch the following two battles.The battle of huai hai, also known as the battle of xu musan, was a large-scale war rarely seen in Chinese and even world military history. Our troops gathered the main forces of the two and three fields and fought a decisive battle against the kuomintang forces in xuzhou.Finally, our army succeeded in winning the battle of huai hai by weining out the huang potao corps, weining out the huang wei corps, obstructing qiu qingquan, li mi corps and other strategies, and captured the deputy commander of the general xuzhou suppression of the kuomintang, du yuming, and annihilated the effective forces of the kuomintang at one stroke.Tianjin battle is far from the huai hai campaign and LiaoShen bloody battle, the war is the most fierce war liberation in tianjin and other regions, and finally to Peiping, after our army commander in chief of the suppression of north China, general fu zuoyi uprising led five hundred thousand of his troops back to the arms of the people, and at the end of the battle of tianjin, north of the Yangtze river, is the liberated areas of our army, more liberated the whole of China has laid a solid foundation.Of course, in my eyes, the three major battles are equally important. Without the victory of the three major battles, it is estimated that the overall end of the war of liberation will be postponed. In addition, many PLA soldiers have been sacrificed in the three major battles.

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